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Trendy Wedding Cake Ideas That Make the Occasion Memorable

At Azul Reception Hall we have been in the business of adding that touch of grandeur to weddings. One of the most common queries that we encounter is about the cakes. There is a great deal of importance attached to a cake at any wedding party. Irrespective of whether it is a traditional, modern or chic styled wedding the bride and the groom cutting the cake is the perfect photo op and something they would love seeing on their wedding album. Here are some trendy wedding cake ideas that make the occasion memorable. 

1. Bride-Groom Cake – While this may seem to be the most obvious choice and nothing represents a wedding better than the Bride-Groom cake. This can even be personalized to match your costume on the day of the wedding.

2. Retro-Style Cake – If you are opting for a traditional style wedding you can choose the retro styled cakes or even order for one that is same in style as your parents’ wedding cake. It will surely be one thing to remember for all your guests.

3. Naked Cake – As the name suggests it is a cake without any icing over it. In rustic themed wedding this has become very popular these days and you can place it over a wine barrel that adds to the theme of the event.

4. Floral Creations – These have been popular for many years and there is a sense of timelessness attached to these cakes. Bright and bold floral decorations adorning the cake add festivity to the mood. In fact you can make the cake a part of your themed floral decoration.

5. Metallic – This trend has picked up over the last few years as many couples opt for cakes that are metallic in their texture. While there is no better combination that black and gold you can run your imagination wild.

We partner with the best bakers in Houston and can arrange the dream cake for your dream wedding celebration.