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4 Corporate Event Ideas That Would Make It Memorable

“Work hard and party harder” seems to be the mantra in most organizations these days. And when it comes to a Corporate Event, most organizations are taking their imagination to newer heights. As experienced hands at organizing such events, we have witnessed the change over the years. Corporate Events are no longer boring as they are aping themes and ideas from reunions and college events and adding fun, color and flavor to the occasion. So if you are thinking about hosting an event here are four ideas that would make it memorable.

1. Reliving The Old – If your organization has been in business for many years you can revisit some of your products and equipment and make them a part of the theme. This not only brings back smile in the faces of people who have worked in that era, it also takes the young guns in the organization through a time walk.

2. Movie Themed Party – Pick up a movie or a certain set of characters and make this a part of your corporate event. Whether it is James Bond or Star Wars there is so much to do about this theme that it would make you go crazy. You can also try a skit with different characters from different movies.

3. Barbecue Themed Party – Imagine the CEO and a rookie of the organization trying their hand together at the barbecue. It not only breaks the ice but also creates a warm atmosphere at the event. It creates a very informal mood during the event and is the perfect time for selfies and sharing them over the Social Media.

4. Chocolaty Party – Who says chocolates are for birthdays and anniversaries as you can very well make it the theme of the event. Decorating the entire venue with a chocolaty props and filling the air with fragrance is something that is worth a try.