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5 Wedding Planning Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

Everyone wants to have a dream wedding, but sadly no everyone is able to term his/her wedding as ‘perfect’. At Azul Reception Hall having been in this business for long we have seem many clients do it wrong only to regret later. Small errors during the planning phase can just turn your wedding celebration or a part of it into disaster. So here we list out five wedding planning mistakes that you need to avoid. 

1. Give Time To Planning – Rushing into any decision increases the chances of errors in judgement. It is one of the biggest events in your life and deserves attention irrespective of how busy you are. From choosing a date for your wedding to deciding on the theme make sure you review all decisions before settling on them.

2. Sending Invites Late or Too Early – Sending out invitations is tricky as one that arrives early is often forgotten and once that arrive late leave little scope for your invitees to attend your wedding. It needs to be timed to perfection and you should offer everyone enough time to make plans for attending your event.

3. Guests’ Needs – If your guest list comprises of people from different age groups and backgrounds make sure there is some fun and entertainment for everyone. This makes your reception enjoyable and memorable.

4. Photo/Video Mistakes – With the advent of smartphones and digital cameras, everyone knows how take photographs and shoot videos. But few can capture memories of this once in a life event. Though you may have some friends volunteering to do this job, never settle for a wedding without professionals handling photography and videography.

5. Listen To Others – While you are the one who is paying all the bills and want to do things your own way, it is often good to listen to others. They may offer you better suggestions with your theme, food, entertainment etc. Give a patient thought to what they say and then make your own decisions.

Avoiding these planning mistakes ensures that you have no regrets about your wedding reception in years to come.