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Great Birthday Party Ideas for Girls in 2016

Birthday parties are always special and when it’s a girl’s birthday party there is always that extra yard of enthusiasm and novelty. While this is not to say that boys don’t enjoy their birthday parties but we at Azul Reception Hall have seen girls enjoy their parties more! Not furthering the argument here are some great ideas for girls’ birthday parties in 2016 that you as a parent or a guardian can try to make it special for your loved little girl.

• Animal Themed Party – For girls who love their pets and other animals an animal themed can be quite a proud experience. You can theme the party around her pet or other animals in general. The possibilities with such kind of themed parties are immense.


• Fairy Tale Party – While you may not see anything new in this idea, it has been happening since ages but this surely is one of the hottest ideas for 2016. There are no two opinions about the fact that girls love fairy tales right till their teenage and you can theme a party around a fairy tale of her choice.


• Mermaid Birthday Party – This is another one that you can experiment with. We can create an underwater scene at the venue with shades of pearl, blue and aqua. Our seasoned bakers would deliver the perfect cake for such a themed party.

• Strawberry Themed Party – Girls love strawberries, don’t they? From a strawberry flavoured cake to the best drinks fill the air with the charming fragrance. A pink party dress goes fine with it and sets the mood right.

• Rainbow – While this was popular in the past maybe during your childhood, off late we don’t come across too many parties themed around rainbows and this is the exact reason it is special and makes for a perfect theme in 2016.

While these some of the best birthday party ideas for a girl’s birthday in 2016, if you have anything else in mind, we would help you make the day special for your little girl.