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4 Ideas That Would Make Your Wedding Reception Exciting

At Azul Reception Hall we love to make your wedding reception fun filled and exciting. These days we see a large number of couples aspire for innovative ideas that leaves behind an impression in the minds of their guests. They are more than willing to break the established trends and do something new and unique on the most memorable day in their lives. Having hosted hundreds of wedding receptions with unique ideas here is our pick of top four ideas that would make your wedding reception exciting.

1. Looking Back – Life has been a journey for the two of you and your wedding reception would serve as a great way to look back at your life and relive some old memories. Whether it is the picture of your first day to school or when you visited your grandparents during a vacation you have plenty of options. Dedicating a wall each to the bride and the groom would be a great idea.

2. Menu Puzzles – Make your guests unlock the menu solving puzzles. You can create a puzzle for different items on your menu and make your guests work as a team in finding what is in store for them. This would involve everyone in your reception in an engaging game.

3. Put Up A Photo Stand-In – You may have waked to dozens of wedding receptions where they put up a photo booth. The idea has been overused and has somewhat lost its appeal.  Instead you can put up photo stand-ins where your guests would be able to click themselves with your caricatured images or other characters from your favorite movie or television show. It would be a great attraction at the reception.

4. Hire An Artist – If you love art this would be a great way to celebrate your reception. Hire an artist who would paint a live picture at your reception part. It would be more memorable than a zillion pictures taken on that day.

The essence of a great wedding reception lies in making it memorable. Our seasoned team of planners and organizers would add spark to your reception party.