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Common Baby Shower Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Baby shower is one of the most beautiful phases in the life of a couple especially for the expectant mother. Today these are big events celebrated in style and all the grandeur. And why not when you are expecting a new member in your family and your joy knows no bounds.  But many people tend to err in their decision of baby showers. At Azul Reception Hall we always offer our inputs when clients come up for baby shower events. So here are common mistakes that you should avoid.

• Not Having A Plan – While people have dozens of ideas to entertain their guests at a wedding reception they are often blank when it comes to a baby shower.  The entire event can’t be about opening gifts and you need to engage your guests in some kind of an activity. If you are organizing games make sure they aren’t awkward as you may also have children in attendance.

• Don’t Get Overboard with Theme – You are excited and want to create the perfect show. But don’t get overboardand mix too many themes as it would become an eyesore. The ideal way to celebrate a baby shower is to choose a theme that is close to the couple and work on it. Your guests should immediately know what you want to portray with your decoration and live the occasion.

• Creating A Chaos – While any would-be parent would want welcome his/her child with a bang but you also need to keep expectant mother’s comfort in mind. When you invite too many people to the event there are always chances of creating chaos that can make the pregnant lady uncomfortable. So think twice before sending out the invites and try and invite people who are known well to the would-be mother as this will make her feel more comfortable.

Avoiding these common mistakes would help you organize a baby shower party in a befitting manner and set the ball rolling towards welcoming your child.