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Few Ways in Which You Can Make a Retirement Party Memorable

Are you planning a retirement party for your colleague? It isn’t the easiest of tasks as you want to say adieu in a perfect way and have it ingrained in his/her memory. We at Azul Reception Hall have witnessed the emotions that fly during reception parties. While you would want to make the occasion special for your colleague there is always a sense of grief to mark the end of the road in a career. So here are a few ways in which you can make this occasion memorable for your colleague.

• Choose A Theme – The choice of a theme is fundamental to a retirement party. The ideal way to see a smile or a tear roll down the cheek is to choose a theme that is dear to the person. It came be a theme based on his/her favorite movie or the person’s personality. If the person has served a long innings at the organization you can theme the venue around some of the major events that took place in the year he or she joined the organization.

• Make Family a Part of the Surprise – When you are inviting your colleague’s family at the retirement party make them a part of the plan. It can be a song by one of the family members or a short speech about the person’s relationship with the workplace. This serves as a great way of celebrating the person’s life and not just his/her professional journey.

• Create A Photo Wall – While this idea has been used over and over again it still makes such a perfect thing at a retirement party. Pick up old photographs of the person on different occasions and in different moods and display it on the wall. Use nice captions to make them interesting and present a photo book to your colleague at the end of the event.

A perfect retirement party involves a lot of careful planning and we would guide you and support any of your ideas and plans for the party.