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5 Great Ideas for a Perfect Family Reunion

Are you planning to gather your clan? In our fast and busy lives, reunion parties are a great way to relax and bond with the larger family. When you are planning for such an event apart from the logistics you also need to think of great ideas to make the time spent together memorable. So here are five great ideas for a perfect family reunion.

1. Games! Games! Games! – Games are very important for reunions as they allow everyone in the family to bond better. Funny games are a big hit during such occasions as they involve everyone. Make sure they are competitive and there are prizes for winners. 

2. Family Trivia – What is the purpose of a family reunion if members especially youngsters don’t get to learn about their legacy? So hold a trivial pursuit game where you can ask questions about the family’s legacy. Make sure these questions are more informational than quiz type. 

3. Share The Family Tree– Hearing this perhaps you won’t say Eureka! But sharing a family tree is surely one of the best ways to celebrate a family reunion. It allows young ones to know their relations and also a great souvenir for everyone to take home. 

4. Messages – No matter how hard you try there would always be people who can’t make it to such events due to their ill-health or professional commitments. Make sure you get messages from them and play it out for others. You can also shoot the entire event and send them videos and photographs. 

5. Outdoor Escapade – If you have a few days in hand during the reunion, plan out an outdoor escapade where you go out shopping together or enjoy in some adventure activity. However you need to plan these keeping in mind the youngsters and seniors in the family.  

At Azul Reception Hall we have proudly hosted dozens of family reunions. We love these events for the kind of emotions they bring out in each person.