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Trending Wedding Themes for 2016 - Add Fun to Your Big Day

‘Weddings are special’, this would be quite an understatement as it is surely THE MOST SPECIAL day in your life. The beginning of a new journey and years of togetherness demands a perfect announcement and you would want to make it memorable. At Azul Reception Hall we have been helping our clients make the perfect start to their new lives. Whether you want a classing wedding or a chic one, we shall add to the fun on your big day. Here are some of the trending wedding themes for 2016 that you can try.

Classic RomanceMarriage is all about celebrating your love and a classic romance themed wedding would make it special. Think about a romantic tale from the Victorianera and recreate everything from your gown to the setting. You would cherish this memory for a lifetime.

VintageThis is something that we have done in the past and it is back to spice up 2016 weddings. We get the right props and set up the décor for you to leavea lasting impression in the minds of your guest. You can choose an era or simply the era you were born and we would recreate it for you. Reliving your childhood would surely be a great way to welcome a new phase in your life.

‘Hash Tag’ Wedding – Technology especially Social Media has become a part of our daily lives. And what better way to announce your special moment to the world than creating a ‘hash tag’ of your own. You can webcast it live on YouTube or post regular images on Instagram. Friends who aren’t able to attend your celebrations would instantly become a part of the event.

If you have anything else in mind, just let us know as we can make it happen on your ‘Big Day’ .