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3 Unique Ideas To Try At Your Wedding Reception

Are you willing to try some out-of-the-box ideas at your wedding reception? Why think conventional when you can run your imagination wild? In the contemporary world people are more open to such wedding receptions and it can be a great way to turn the special day into a memorable one for your guests. At Azul Reception Hall we shall help you at every step with such ideas and add spark to the event. So here are three unique ideas that are worth trying.

1.      Polaroid GuestbookTraditional guestbook has lost its popularity as you see them at every wedding. Why not try a Polaroid Guest book where your guests would get their pictures clicked and write their message on these pictures.It can serve like your wedding album and rekindle these memories years later when you wish to recall your wedding day.

2.      Wine Tasting Ceremony – Imagine the excitement on the face of your guests when you welcome them to a wine tasting ceremony at your wedding reception? It would be a pleasant surprise for many and would add to the fun at your reception. The only downside, the couple may not be able to attract the attention they deserve!

3.      Coloring Activity for Kids – They often get left out when it comes to planning for a wedding reception and they are the most bored souls at such parties. So why not have something that keeps them engaged and at the same allows the adults to enjoy the reception. And there can be no better way to engage the toddlers at your reception party than give them a color book and some crayons.

There is no limit to trying out something crazy and exciting at your wedding reception. If you have any other idea in mind, come and discuss it with us. We always love challenges and would definitely add that unique touch to your wedding.