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4 Things to Do At Your 25th Anniversary Party

Congratulations you are about to complete 25 years of love, friendship and togetherness. It calls for a grand celebration and at Azul Reception Hall we shall make it grander. If you are wondering how to go about organizing this party and what to do here are four things that you need to do on your 25th anniversary. 

1. Relive The Past – Now this may seem obvious but what’s there in a 25th anniversary party, if you don’t relive your togetherness. Share your stories, ask your children to do so and don’t forget to put up some pictures and videos of the past two and half decades on the screen for others to see. You can even theme the venue to remind others of the era when you tied the knot.

2. Renew Your Vows – An absolute must to celebrate your silver jubilee! The vows you took 25 years ago have seen you through the thick and thin and it is time to renew the same vows in front of your children and friends again. And don’t forget to get yourself fresh pair of rings and exchange it as this would make the occasion extra special. 

3. Choose The Décor – By convention most 25th anniversary parties are themed around silver color but if you associate a special color of theme with your relationship you shouldn’t hesitate to break the convention. Putting up two life-sized cutouts at the entrance would also be a great way of welcoming your guests to the event.

4. Bring Out Your Wedding Guestbook – You would be placing a guestbook for your guests to share their thoughts and it would be a worthy idea to bring out your wedding guestbook and display it for the guests. It can be worth sharing some of the thoughts that friends and family had penned 25 years ago if they are still around.