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4 Ways in Which You Spice Up Your Son's First Birthday Party

Recall the day almost a year ago when you were blessed with a baby boy. Now as your son turns one it is time to celebrate his first birthday party and as a parent you would want to celebrate it in style. We at Azul Reception Hall would spice up the event and make it first of many such memorable day that he would celebrate each year.So here are four ways in which you can make this event memorable for him. 

1. Hot Air Balloons – You can’t imagine a birthday party without balloons, can you? So decorate the hall with hot air balloons as they would keep all the kids attending the party engaged. Find balloons of different colors, shapes and sizes and decorate the entire venue with it. In fact this is one of the oldest and most popular party décor ideas. 

2. Planes & Automobiles – Your son is standing at the brink of developing lifelong love for planes and automobiles. All boys develop this inherent interest in these things the moment they start developing their senses. Decorate the venue with scale models of planes and automobiles and it would serve as his first introduction to a passion that he would follow for a lifetime.

3. Season Theme Party – The season your son was born would definitely be one of the best seasons in your life and theming the party around the season would be a great idea. From the décor depicting the season to placing large bowls of seasonal fruit on the table you can celebrate the season in a wonderful way.

4. Photo Exhibition – In this digital age you may have clicked a million selfies and photographs of your son in the last 365 days. It would be worth exhibiting the best of these photographs on a screen or in traditional stands. It would be nice way to share these memories with your guests.