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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Planning a Corporate Event

At Azul Reception Hall we have been part of small and large corporate events over the years. To be honest we have witnessed mega successful events as well as some that have gone horribly wrong. The reasons for such failures are many but most of them have certain traits in common. Here we list five mistakes that you should avoid while planning a corporate event. 

1.Rushing Up – Corporate events involve weeks of planning where you set the agenda or goal of the event, prepare the guest list, promote the event and finally create a detailed plan to work on. When you rush into an event, the chances of erring are pretty high and hence you should avoid this at all cost.

2.Getting Décor Wrong – The kind of décor you choose needs to blend with the goal of the event. If you get it wrong it would be an eyesore. As a thumb rule you shouldn’t over-decorate or under-decorate the venue and it should reflect the mood of the event. 

3.Failing to Judge Scope of Event – Every corporate event how big or small it may be needs to be thoroughly planned. From budget to execution you need to always keep in mind the scope of the event. Getting it wrong is the perfect recipe for disaster. 

4.Not Assessing The Risks – There are a number of things that can go wrong during an event. The weather may turn bad, the performances lined up may need to be cancelled and while planning you need to consider all such eventualities to have a Plan B to save your day. 

5.Wrong Menu Selection – Some people get the food and drinks part horribly wrong. You need to know the taste and food habits of your guest beforehand to ensure nobody leaves with an empty stomach. Also a multi-course meal is a must as this ensures there is something for everyone.