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Celebrate In Style - A Spectacular Venue and Mouth-Watering Cuisine

There is a party animal hidden in all of us. From birthdays to anniversaries and family reunions you always search for an excuse to celebrate! When it comes to celebrating an occasion two things precede all others – a spectacular venue and mouth-watering cuisine. At Azul Reception Hall we have the former and would serve you the best of the later. Whatever may be the occasion both the host and the guests want the celebrations to be perfect. And ‘perfect’ for you as a host would mean where you can enjoy it to the fullest without worrying about the arrangements and how the party goes. We work in the in the background and make the event memorable.

·       Variety & Glamour– Every occasion has some inherent traits; A Quinceañera would be different from a Bachelor party. We understand your expectations when you are hosting a party for your guests and would let you celebrate the way you want it. We offer you a lot of options to choose from and would surely meet your budget and tastes.

·     Great Cuisine – You will always want your guests to remember the food and cake they have at your party. We bring to you some of the most exotic dishes prepared by master chefs. Mexican, South American, Mediterranean or Asian, you name it and we shall serve you a mouth-watering full course meal. Don’t like what we serve and you want to bring your very own food you and your guests are welcome to do that.

·     Decorations – Want an Egyptian themed venue? Or do you want to create a fragrance show with exotic flowers?  Decorations are a work of art with imagination being the only restriction. If you have an idea in your mind, we have the expertise to execute it to perfection. Don’t bother if your guests are busy capturing our decorations on the smartphones, you will enjoy browsing through your Facebook wall the next day.