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Top Tips for Choosing the Best Reception Venue for your Wedding

Have you just found the soulmate of your life? And are willing to tie the knots soon? Then, your first and foremost concern should be to book a venue as soon as possible. There are a lot of things which depend on the venue. For instance, your wedding theme and decorations depend on the design of the space and the services available at the hall; your wedding menu depends on what kind of catering services are provided by the wedding hall etc. So, the venue is extremely important. 

Wedding halls are always booked in advance to avoid the rush of wedding seasons. And more so, if you want the best venue in town. At Azul Reception Hall too, we entertain the clients who book us at the earliest. So, how do you choose which is the best venue for your wedding reception? Here are a few tips which can help you decide better.

1.Capacity: Your primary focus should be on the guests you want to invite to the wedding. Generally, people prepare the guest list first so you already know the number of attendees. Now you need to look for a hall which can accommodate that much number of people. Do not squeeze in a whole lot of people because it will be suffocating and you definitely want your guests to be comfortable at your wedding. 

2.Amenities & Services: The next thing to worry about is whether your wedding hall can bring your dream wedding reception to life in terms of decorations and its services. You have to check whether the hall has been designed to suit the decorations that you have in your mind. You also need to check whether they have proper dressing rooms, clean and hygienic restrooms and kitchens, the arrangement of acoustics, spacious parking lots, etc. 

3.Accessibility: You should not choose a venue which is located far off, in a remote area which is known to only a handful of people. You certainly don’t want people to get lost on their way or reach late just because they couldn’t find the way. Who likes it when the guests complain about the venue location? So, pick a venue which is accessible from any part of the city and has convenient modes of transport on that route.
Azul Reception Hall can be your best choice not only because it is located about 7 miles away from the centre of the city but you can be assured of all the amenities with excellent services in terms of catering, decoration, ambience and hospitality in the 9,500 sq.ft floor space, accommodating up to 350 guests. So, if you want to book us for the most cherished and memorable wedding, give us a call at (713) 867-8900.