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Three Innovative Ways of Adorning Wedding Reception Chairs

Can you already hear your wedding bells? It must be because you are handling all the responsibilities of your marriage reception all by yourself. There are so many things to be taken care of. For instance, the wedding reception hall, wedding gown, theme and decoration, the catering services, music and entertainment etc. However, a lot of the things can be solved when you book a spacious reception hall with excellent amenities and services. This is why Azul Reception Hall has become so popular with weddings over the last few years.

We, at Azul Reception Hall, have all the requisite amenities you need to pull off a successful reception party. Along with a spacious hall, we also have disciplined and well-behaved staff who are dedicated towards their work. One of the primary things that bring life to a wedding is the decoration. We are extremely proud of the fact that we are backed by a creative team who can deck up the hall in the most beautiful manner that complements your wedding theme perfectly. 

Here are a few easy yet stylish ways we can adorn the reception chairs for your wedding reception. Take a look:

Floral Decor: This is the most basic idea which is used in most wedding receptions. These can bring a refreshing look to your party especially during the spring and summer seasons. 

Bow with a twist: The classic idea of the satin bow can be experimented further by tying it diagonally as sashes or you can also tie the bows to one end of the chair. This gives your party an elegant and classy appeal. If you want to make it gaudier, you can add shimmers to it. 

Floor length tail: If you have chosen a fantasy theme for your wedding, the floor length of the bow tied to the chairs or the simple, flowing fabric covering the seats can add a ruffling tail-like feature to the chairs, giving it a fairytale-like finish. 

These were the three beautiful ways of adorning your reception chairs. For such uniqueness or other innovative elements in your wedding, get in touch with us at (713) 867-8900.