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5 Creative Décor Ideas for your Big Reception Hall

Having a large reception hall for your wedding can be both a boon and a bane. It all depends on how well you can adorn the hall with all your style and creativity. Here, we bring to you some of the most  fascinating ideas of decorating your big reception hall in the most stunning manner possible. Take a look. 

A Warm Welcome
A memorable reception is the one which makes a warm first impression right from the front door. The entry to the reception hall should be such that it creates a lasting impression on your guests. Decorate the front door with a beautiful wreath made of flowers or you can hang exquisite lanterns from the ceiling.

Adorning the Hallway
If your venue is such that there is a hallway which leads to the big reception space, then it is important that you also include the hallway in your decoration plan. Deck up the hallway with floral garlands and trellises according to the theme of your wedding. It builds up a nice and dramatic entry for the bride and groom as well as all your guests. 

Make the Ceiling a Focal Point
If you have a big wedding hall, an essential thing is to give it a compact look.  So, along with the walls and the floors, you have to decorate the ceiling too. A ceiling can be your focal point if you can deck it up right. Use drapes or strands of hanging lights to either make it look simply ethereal or be a little creative and turn the ceiling into the beautiful night sky.
 Variety in Your Table Choices 
The primary advantage of having a spacious and big hall is that you don’t have to stick to the traditional seating options. Instead of sticking to a single size and shape when it comes to tables, you can think out of the box and choose a mixture of round and square tables. This will add a lot of variety to the large hall, giving it a compact look and at the same time, offer a unique yet comfortable seating arrangement for your guests. 

Filling the Blank Spaces
Since it is a large area, there are bound to be blank spaces and it is quintessential to fill it up for a perfect wedding décor. You can use antique furniture or decorate the place with some prop. Line the walls with exquisite mirrors or add various detailed elements like scented candles, floral garlands or pictures of the newlyweds so that the empty place is covered up effectively and also adds to the stunning décor of the hall.

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