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How to Master the Seating Plan on your Wedding

If you don’t want your guests to start a mad panic at your wedding over where they will sit, prepare a well-assorted seating plan for everyone. First of all, you have to know the number of guests who will be attending the wedding and then speak to the venue accordingly. Some reception halls like ours- Azul Reception Hall has skilled staff who can help you out with the seating arrangements in the most efficient manner.

Take a look at these simple seating plan tips that we have jotted down for you. 

Placing the Parents
You can keep this fairly flexible by asking your parents where they would be most comfortable sitting. Generally, parents of both the bride and groom tend to sit together at the same table along with the grandparents and the officiant but if your parents are divorced and not comfortable with each other, you can let them host their own table of close friends and family.

Taming Tensions
Seating arrangement can be very tricky. You certainly don’t want your cousin to be seated with a friend who hates each other or you don’t want your brother to sit with an aunt who has not been on talking terms for years. So, you have to keep such people as far apart from each other as possible. And trust us when we say this, they will be quite thankful for it.
Playing Cupid
Since you are on this joyride of emotions right now, there’s no harm in playing a little cupid for your single friends. Make your single friends sit along with the single friends of the groom and allow them to mingle and get to know each other. You never know who might click with whom and before you know, there might be another wedding invitation awaiting you soon. 

So, follow these crucial tips when you are discussing the seating plan. Having a perfect seating arrangement will not only make your wedding reception run smoothly because there will be no drunken cat-fights, confusion over seats and it will be easier for you to decide on the veg and the non-veg menus and order the catering services accordingly. And at Azul Reception Hall, we can offer you the best facilities for all the arrangements you need. For a perfect wedding reception with the greatest of amenities and services, contact us soon.