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Winter Wonderland Theme for a Grand Quinceañera Party

Every young girl dreams of a grand Quinceanera party thrown for her by her family members. So, if you are a loving parent or elder sibling, then you must let your daughter or sister know that she deserves to be treated as a “princess” by throwing a party for her as she turns into a woman from a girl. The first thing which you should do is to select a venue for this celebration.

Consider the location and space of the hall along with other services and facilities, before booking it. The next thing which you should do is to prepare a guest list which must include all her friends and family members. Third, but another very important thing which you have to decide is the theme of the party. Surprise her by going for the “Winter wonderland” theme, inspired by the popular movie “Frozen”. It is a challenging decoration as well, and that is why you need to book a venue, that has an expert team of decorators and planners. Like, at Azul Reception Hall, we have a skilled team who will turn your dream themes into reality with such ease and expertise. To know more about this theme, read on:

*The main two colors should be white and sky blue. So, you have to talk to the decorators regarding this and ask them to pick every element of either of these two colors. From tablecloth to centerpieces, everything should be of mainly these two colors.

*Adding sparkly elements will add glamour to the entire space. That icy and shimmery angle should not only be there in your princess’s outfit but also in the venue. Silver balls and stars will make the venue look amazing.

*Lighting plays a major role in making this theme successful. So, pick sky blue lights which give a perfect winter type feel and look.

*Adding fake snowflakes will make the theme more real-like.

Don’t delay, and contact Azul Reception Hall for your daughter’s or sister’s Quinceanera party. We will implement this theme with perfection. Call us at (713) 867-8900 now.