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Few Tips To Save On Your Child's Birthday Party

The last few years have been tough for average American parents. The job market hasn’t been anything to be happy about with many people even having to deal with job cuts. With wages almost freezing,celebrations have also been cut short. If your child’s approaching birthday is already giving you headaches, at Azul Reception Hall we can help you organize the perfect party within your budget. We receive regular queries for budget parties these days and have optimized our services to ensure you celebrate the special day in style without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are some tips that will help you save on your child’s guest list.

·       Come To Us Early – The earlier you plan out the event,better are the chances of cutting costs. From your cake to the menu and decorations, early movers always stand a better chance to save costs. Last minute preparations are not only inconvenient but they add to the costs as you often don’t have the option to choose from.

·      Affordable Decorations – If you were to break the different costs of a party, decorations alone would account for 40-50% of the costs in some parties. Ask yourself, do you need to spend so much on decorations alone? We have great ideas to decorate the venue affordable. Simple decorations with flowers and balloons look great at birthday parties and these are quite inexpensive.

·      Food & Wine – These always shoot up the bill at any event and this is where we are able to cut costs substantially. We can serve you anything from South American, Italian, and Mediterranean to Mexican, Continental and Asian cuisines. We optimize the costs without compromising on what is being served to the guests. 

·     Entertainment – Do you really need a magician or a performing artist at the party? With so many kids around there would be enough entertainment if you can engage them in some games yourself.

There are many other ways in which you can cut costs during the event. Get in touch with us and there are many possibilities to discuss.