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Planning a Wedding within Small Budget? Azul Reception Hall is the Best Place for You

The wedding is probably the most elaborate event of anyone’s life. It involves a lot of planning, thinking and searching. When you are planning your wedding, one of the most important things you need to think about is the venue. It becomes even more challenging when you are looking for a venue that suits your budget while offering you all the amenities that your guests will look for at the event. If you are in Houston and already wondering how you will be able to arrange it perfectly without burning a huge hole in your pocket then come to us at Azul Reception Hall. For small budget or an intimate wedding, we have the place you are looking for.

Are you still in a dilemma whether booking our hall will be the right decision for you or not? If yes, then you must take a look at the following points to know more about us and how we can help you arrange the wedding within budget.


While booking a space for an event, the first thing that comes to your mind is if the hall will accommodate all the guests or not. For a large number of guests, you will need a huge hall that will be expensive. But Azul Reception Hall offers you the 9,500sq ft floor place that can comfortably accommodate 350 guests. If you are thinking that we will charge you a hefty amount, and then don’t worry. We design our package so that you can find it affordable for you.

Decoration and Catering

After booking a venue, if you are going to look for separate catering and decoration service for the hall then it will be a complicated and expensive affair. The services won’t be familiar with the hall, its features, and facilities. Hence, it will be quite tricky for them to arrange. Moreover, you will have to pay them separately which will add up to your financial burdens. But if you come to us, we can provide you with the package that will include both decoration and catering service along with some other lucrative services too. And all of these you can arrange at a very affordable rate.

So, don’t you think arranging your budget wedding will be easier with us? If you want to book the hall, then give us a call at (713) 867-8900.